South Western Housing Society and Tamar Housing are now working in partnership and known as the Willow Tree Housing Partnership (WTHP).

On 1 June 2020, the two associations formed a partnership that is governed by one board and executive team, which will generate efficiencies within the businesses to build resilience going forward. The Partnership shares staff in order to deliver more effective services to our tenants wherever possible going forward.

WTHP has agreed its vision, mission and values, which informs why we came together and how we will deliver into the future:

Vision – Deliver & Grow

Mission – Willow Tree will build and manage quality homes that are affordable for those who do not have access to the housing market.


Work in a professional way without exception

Integrity will underpin our business practices

Lead by example

Listen to continuously improve

Open & ethical in all our relationships

Wellbeing of staff & residents is a priority

The two organisations continue to retain their legal identities so tenants and residents will see no change to their contractual agreements. Likewise, we will continue to use our registered names for contract and payment purposes, although our logo and all of our branding will be in the name of Willow Tree.

Donna Johnson, CEO of WTHP said ‘as our partnership grows and matures, we will keep you informed of any new ways of working and look forward to continuing to support all of our stakeholders to flourish alongside us.’

Andre Angelinetta. Chair of the Board also confirmed, ‘I believe that this is a great opportunity for the pooling of strengths from both organisations and together Willow Tree will be a strong partnership which will cope well with the future challenges. It will also provide increased opportunities for staff and greater efficiencies together with more housing.’

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