Your Tenancy

If you are one of our tenants, we aim to match the type of tenancy to your needs. The exact type of tenancy you have will depend on many factors.

Your tenancy agreement is a legal contract between you (the tenant), and us (the landlord) and sets out the duties and obligations of each party. It will give certain rights and responsibilities to the tenant and to the landlord, which varies depending on the type of tenancy. To be sure of which type of tenancy you have, please refer to your tenancy agreement.

MyTenancy is an online portal where you can view information related to your tenancy 24/7; report a repair, view your latest rent statement and make a payment. For more details refer to the MyTenancy Information Leaflet. Click on the logo to sign in or create an account.

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There may be circumstances where a tenant wants to pass (assign) the tenancy to another person, or when a tenant sadly dies, for a family member to be eligible to take over the tenancy (succession).  There are rules and laws regarding eligibility so please refer to the Your Tenancy Handbook Leaflet for more details before contacting us.

Willow Tree Housing Partnership's Tenants' Handbook provides further information and guidance on our policies however, if you have any queries regarding your tenancy then please 'Contact Us'.